Snapp News February 2021

What we have been doing this month with Snapp - IPTV & Plex Media Player

Snapp iOS

We started this development around October 2020 and expected it to take around 6 weeks, we were way out with our guesstimate, which is super dissapointing for us. 4 months on and this project is still not finished.
We have however begun the testing phase which means we are close to a release but at this point any date we give would be again be a guess but we are very close. Snapp iOS and Snapp Android will be almost the same and your content will just pass from one platform to the other without anything on your end to do.

I am guessing at 3 weeks for release or at the very least 3 weeks before we have a solid release date.

Snapp TV Shows

We made some changes in the Movies section over the past few months, adding genres and re ordering the sub-menu order.

Based on the results and your user feedback we have done the same in Snapp for the TV Shows too.

We now have your favourite 3 genres, recommendations and what you are currenty watching at the top of the menu. That's an increase of over 130 titles in view for TV Shows.

EPG options for IPTV providers

We know our automated EPG isn't 100% spot on, it is pretty accurate based on the fact that it pairs by channel name and everyone seems to name their channels with absolutely no uniformity but we understand it's limits and created an option for IPTV providers using Snapp XC to better the EPG.

Now Snapp XC clients can add their own EPG URL for their playlist or they can use ours, either or, tomato, 'tomateo'.

We will be showing some love on this to all user in the end by allowing stand alone Snapp Pro users the ability to manually pair their channels against our EPG in the places where it may have gone a little off course.

Our complaint against PayPal has been started

To allow you to make payments easily to us we added PayPal integration to the Snapp system, as you know our development requires funding and adding PayPal as a method of payment was going really well....until it all of a sudden wasn't.

Even though we do not share or sell any content and we actively suggest responsible use of our tools, PayPal jumped to the presumption that we were breaking their terms, which we are of course not doing. They limited our account permanantly costing us over 50% of our development donations monthly. This obviously has a huge impact on how we operate.

We have had our case taken up by the financial ombusman who have instuced PayPal (higher up the food chain) to look at our case properly. We know we are doing no wrong here and will be taking this all the way until PayPal can point to where we are breaking their terms or re-instate our account.

When we have more we will let you know but it is a very slow moving process with weeks between decisions being made and every week that goes by Snapp suffers.

Going Snapp Pro funds the Snapp development

We aren't a huge development company with endless funds to support Snapp, we can keep it running but we need funds to make it better which is why we charge for Snapp Pro and Snapp XC, both optional extras that allow you the use of Snapp's extra features, like the private VPN in the app.
If you use Snapp please consider upgrading to Pro and taking advantage of our 50% off coupon "CASHOFF", every one who donates is important to us. We literally want to go to the moon with Snapp but it does need funding. We won't interrupt your viewing with adverts to generate that revenue so that is why we turn to you for support.

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